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How to Start An On-Demand Marijuana Delivery Service



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In all states, the sale and distribution of marijuana is highly regulated. But I’m guessing that, once in a while, you call your dealer and get marijuana delivered to your doorsteps. The reason that person chooses to deliver marijuana to your door may be to avoid paying taxes and fees or because he or she can’t set up a legal shop. What you should know about the distribution of marijuana in the US is, it is illegal in most places and the penalties are severe.

For example, in Alaska, delivery of an ounce of weed or more is a class C felony. If caught, you may spend five years in prison and pay a fine of up to $50,000.  It’s okay if you want to chicken out now, but remember. Starting your own business means.

  • You get to do what you’re interested in.
  • You decide when to work and who to sell to.
  • Possible financial security.

If you want to do this business legally, you should check state laws. In states where delivery of marijuana is legal, you are only allowed to do it if you are a state licensed entity. To be safe, keep the amount of weed you deliver below an ounce. Remember, the more weed delivered, the worse the penalties. In some states, marijuana delivery is legal between licensed distributor and a licensed resident. However, you may have to receive a written approval from the commission.

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Rule 1: Don’t Look Like a Drug Dealer

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Drug dealers come in all shapes and sizes, some drive fancy cars and others walk around in hoodies on very hot days. During your first delivery, the important thing is to remain calm, don’t break any traffic laws, and make sure that the person you are delivering to is not a law enforcement officer. If you go to Google and search “marijuana delivery companies” (in your area) I’m sure that you will get lots of companies in operation. Most of them don’t have licenses to operate, but they still do it.

The problem police officers face when trying to shut down illegal marijuana delivery services is very simple, smart dealers have no addresses. That means that. When things go bad, you can quickly shut your operation and open up in another location. Because of that, officers are now setting up fake delivery services to go after people who use marijuana delivery services. So be very careful when ordering weed online especially in states where weed is still illegal.

The reason regulators fear these kinds of operations is, They don’t pay taxes and the weed sold, may contain toxins, pesticides or other contaminants. So why start this kind of business?

The stigma surrounding the purchase of marijuana keeps some people from walking into a marijuana dispensary and walking out with a bag of weed. However, there is no way of knowing what the neighbor bought if the weed is delivered. This means that. If you do it right, you will have a wider customer base than someone sitting behind a counter.

If you currently run a dispensary, you should put delivery services on the table. Don’t advertise delivery services. Instead, tell your customers that you offer that option. According to Marijuana Business Daily, the best way to advertise a cannabis business is through word of mouth followed by social media. Note that websites such as Facebook don’t allow you to advertise marijuana products. If you go down that route, your page may be taken down with no explanation.

The trick is to get your customers talking; one customer can reach an average of ten people. Be discrete and respect your customer’s privacy.

Rule 2: Do The Math

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There is no point in starting a business that loses you money, if you run a delivery service. What looses you money is, lack of planning. For example, let’s assume that you agree to deliver $50 worth of weed. To get to the customer, you may have to use a vehicle or pay someone to make the delivery. If you don’t factor in the cost of delivering the weed, you will have to cover it from your pocket. That will lose you money. To make a profit, keep an eye on the following:

  • The amount of money invested in the delivery service.
  • The number is sales made via delivery.
  • Fuel cost and the amount spent making each deliver.
  • Your financial goals.

Rule 3: Don’t Cross State Lines With Marijuana

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Borders are federal jurisdiction, under federal law. Marijuana is illegal, meaning; if you cross state lines with any amount of marijuana you have broken a federal law. Therefore, if you are running a marijuana delivery service whether legally or illegally, don’t cross state lines. Keep the operation in your state.

Last year, December. An elderly couple, Patrick Jiron, 83 and his wife, Barbara Jiron 80, were arrested with 60 pounds of marijuana.

In Nebraska, if arrested, marijuana dealers are required to pay a ‘drug tax stamp’. The amount the elderly couple had to pay was roughly $9,600, and you know what? They authorities jailed the elderly couple. The point is, if you cross state lines with marijuana and get caught, you will have lots of problems with the law. Because of that, the safe thing to do is only operate within your state’s borders.



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