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Does Marijuana Use Lead to Reduced Motivation?



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Remember the last time you smoked too much weed? What crazy thing did you do while high? I remember the first time I had a brownie, the guy who gave it to me kept telling me to eat half of it, but I called him a “cat” and ate all of it. On top of that, I drank some vodka. You can imagine what happened next.

Speaking from personal experience, weed affects people in different ways, for example, a friend of mine who has been trying to quit weed for three years now claims that he finds it difficult to study or get any work done because of weed. The funny thing is I have another friend who can’t function without it. She is a straight-A student who claims that marijuana helps her study. Personally, I can’t write anything while sober, but, after just one puff I am able to organize my thoughts, research and write. So the important question is, how does weed affect you, does it make you lazy or productive? Tell us in the comment section.

Does Cannabis Use Decrease Motivation?

The term “cannabis a motivational syndrome” describes a state characterized as apathy and diminished ability to follow routines, concentrate or successfully master new material. Some researchers as you might have guessed believe that this condition is caused by long-term heavy cannabis use.

There is evidence that long-term heavy cannabis use is associated with educational underachievement and impaired motivation, the question is, is this all true?

Depending on how much weed you smoke daily and your reason for smoking, cannabis use can either motivate you or kill your motivation. If you smoke it because you don’t want to do let’s say school work or to get away from your problems. You will become lazy, why?

Ever heard of that saying “a lazy brain remains lazy”?

Your brain is kind of like your muscles, think about it, what happens when you sit on your butt for too long?

You become weak, the same thing happens to your brain if you don’t ‘exercise’ it.

After smoking weed, most people just want to sit on their butts play a video game, listen to music or watch TV. You don’t want to do math, you don’t want to do your homework or other things that involve you getting off your butt.

If you give in to laziness, you will find an excuse for your laziness, for example, you will start thinking that it is the weed that’s making you lazy but the reality is you are the problem.

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How to Exercise Your Brain While High

#1: study or learn something new

Studying is not just about passing tests, you should make it a habit, why? studying keeps you sharp and it motivates you to do things.

It is not a must that you read a book, there are other ways to study, for example, watch educational videos, take a practice test, do math in your head, use flow charts or infographics to learn new things while high. Doing this will help you learn to focus your thoughts even while high, it will also keep your mind sharp, remember,  a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

I should mention that if you are studying to pass a test, don’t do it while high, stick to coffee and smoke weed to celebrate after the exam or test.

#2 Read books aloud

You can learn a lot of things by listening to audio books while high; the same is true with reading out loud

#3 Stay Positive

Negative thoughts can keep you lazy, so avoid them at all cost especially while high. The trick is to find something to motivate you to do something while high.

#4 Meditate

Meditation can help engage new neural pathways. That will result in improved self-observational skills and increased mental flexibility. That is according to new research.

The point is, don’t smoke weed and sit on your butt all day doing nothing, instead learn something new and keep up with your school work. If you are under 21, wait until your brain fully matures or only smoke on weekends to avoid interfering with your school work.

Impairment and Motivation

THC can affect your coordination, reaction time, ability to pay attention, decision-making skills and ability to judge distances. While high, depending on your state of mind, you may find it difficult to do things. To stay productive while high, you should set goals i.e. if something has to be done today, do it. Don’t make excuses or take shortcuts. The point is, train yourself to function while high.

Right now I’m sure that you can’t function while high, right? I was once where you are right now, things changed when I figured out that if I force myself to do something while high I start enjoying it.

If you can’t function while high and you know that, it is important to avoid temptation. For example, leave your weed at home and if you work from home, keep your weed in a separate room. Before you take that first hit make sure that you have done something productive…

Generally, laziness or lack of motivation is all in your head. That means that, if you are lazy, you will find excuses not to do stuff. You can quote all the studies you want to try and prove that weed makes you lazy. But in the end, you know that the truth is you are lazy because you want to be.

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