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How to Talk to Your Elderly Parents About Medical Marijuana



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As your parents age, it is highly likely that one of them will get sick. Watching the people or person who raised you suffer is not a good thing. If you think that medical marijuana can help solve your mother’s or father’s problem you have to convince them to start using it. Problem is, they grew up in a time when marijuana was considered “a herb with roots in hell”.

Question is where do you start?

You might think that slipping your mom a brownie is a good thing but it’s not, why? If you do that you are not only breaking the law you may also be breaking the trust that exists between you and your parent.

What Medication is he or she on?

Here is the thing, just like THC, 60% of drugs clinically prescribed are metabolized in the liver. Meaning, some drugs may interact with CBD oil or medical marijuana. Although we know very little about the safety of individual compounds found in marijuana. Serious adverse side effects are a rare occurrence. But what if the person you are trying to convince to start using marijuana drinks alcohol or the person is on opioids?

In such cases, using marijuana may make conditions worse for the person.

To avoid creating more problems you should advise the person to talk to a doctor. If that is not an option, keep the dosage low. The thing is a person doesn’t have to smoke or ingest excessive amounts of weed to enjoy its full benefits. In fact, cancer patients are advised to ingest cannabis oil the size of a small grain of rice during the first week of treatment.

The point is if you manage to convince your mom, dad or anyone else to start using medical marijuana. Take it slow; use the first week to see how he or she responds to the drug. If the reactions are negative for example if the patient is allergic to weed, either reduce the dose or discontinue use.

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How to Frame It

Although it sounds simple, it’s not easy to convince someone who has never used illegal drugs in his or her life to start doing it. That means that how you frame cannabis matters. You have to frame it as a ‘wellness product’. To do that you should learn a few things about cannabis. Download videos, news reports or documentaries from the internet or take the person to a medical marijuana doctor.

I remember when my father was diagnosed with cancer, I tried talking to him about weed but he didn’t listen. The only thing that worked was convincing my mom to convince him to start using it. I Showed her Sanjay Gupta’s ‘Weed’, she showed him and he decided to try it.

The truth is you all have to be on the same boat in order for this to work, so talk to family members or someone who is close to the person who needs medical marijuana but doesn’t know it.

There are lots of success stories on YouTube and there are lots of professionals in the medical field talking about marijuana. Find time-go to YouTube and search let’s say ‘rick Simpson oil’ or ‘medical cannabis’ followed by the condition the person is suffering from. The idea is to present solid facts and to have answers to any questions the patient may have.

Educate your Family About the History of Marijuana

Most people don’t know that the whole reason why cannabis is illegal in most countries is a consequence of the actions of one man. Many years ago, Harry J Anslinger managed to convince the American public that weed is harmful and of no benefit to us. This led to the never-ending war on drugs.

The point I’m trying to put across is. If a person understands the bullshit reason why marijuana is illegal in some states, he or she is more likely to try it.

You should also talk about the side effects of weed. For example, did you know that at low doses or if you decide to start using CBD oil, you won’t have to worry about getting high?

Also, there are lots of ways to consume weed apart from smoking.

Smoking is the unhealthiest way to consume weed. It is also annoying. On the other hand, most people especially the elderly won’t have a problem with edibles, oils, and pills.

Pain and Humiliation

The reason why your mom or dad is frustrated, ill-tempered or always tired could be because of pain. Most people especially the elderly don’t want to become a burden. That means that a person could be in a lot of pain but choose not to talk about it. Pain comes in lots of different ways, it is not just physical. There are also the emotional and social aspects.

Why I’m I bringing this up?

According to studies, more than two-thirds of older Americans suffer from multiple, chronic conditions. These conditions make up 66% of the U.S healthcare budget. That’s according to the American Psychology Association. The treatment available for example opioid pain relievers such as pentazocine cause more problems than they solve.

Marijuana is a safe alternative, look at it this way, it is physically impossible to ingest or smoke a lethal dose of weed and the side effects don’t last very long if you discontinue use. Also, it doesn’t cause embarrassing side effects such as weight loss, seizures, flatulence etc caused by some prescription medicines.

When was the last time you truly talked to your mom or dad about his/her health?

Persuade Don’t Force


If you can find a patient on medical marijuana or an expert from his/her peer group, get them together. See the thing is, some elderly people won’t be comfortable getting advice from a 20 something-year-old on YouTube. But they will listen to someone in their age group.

The idea is to find someone your mom or dad can relate to.

What is Medical Marijuana and How it Can Help the Elderly?

Medical marijuana refers to the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant or its extracts. It is not spice or that stuff you buy in dark alleys at the dead of night. What you need to know about medical marijuana is:

  • Medical marijuana contains higher CBD content than recreational weed (won’t get you high in most cases)
  • Depending on state law, you may need a recommendation to get medical marijuana.
  • Medical marijuana is grown organically and under strict care, i.e. no pesticides, herbicides and other dangerous chemicals are used to grow it.
  • State laws determine purchase limits, the amount of weed you can possess, and the number of plants you are allowed to grow.

In simple terms, medical marijuana is high-quality weed free from pesticides, herbicides and other harmful chemicals.

Medical marijuana is a safe substitute for prescription drugs; it can help the elderly in the following ways:

  • Medical cannabis can reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Provides relief from pain caused by arthritis, nerve damage, chronic illness such as cancer and many other painful conditions.
  • Helps with age-related diseases such as joint inflammation, appetite loss, and anxiety.
  • Counteracts the effects of chemotherapy
  • It helps patients with Alzheimer’s disease deal with depression and loss of appetite.
  • Relieves pressure in your eyes (glaucoma)

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