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5 Stupid Ways You May Die While High This Weekend



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That title, pure click-bait, the truth is weed can’t kill you, but, the dumb things you do while high can put you in an early grave.

The problem with dying in a stupid way is. You will always be “that guy who was mauled to death by tigers in a zoo in New York.” Sure, your folks will blame the zoo, but come on, fences are not decorations.

There is an old saying “nobody gets out of life alive”, but if I had to choose, I prefer not to die in the following ways while high or sober.

Diving and Swimming

I have an irrational fear of heights, so I don’t see myself going out this way.

While high, your brain and peer pressure may push you to do something as stupid as jumping off a 50-foot cliff. Although this isn’t a crazy height for an experienced diver to dive from, if you are inexperienced, there is a very high probability that you might die or suffer serious injury.

What might happen when you hit the water is. It might knock you unconscious, break your neck and you may drown.

Is it a good idea to swim while high?

The answer is yes and no, I won’t lie to you. Swimming while stoned feels good, real good, but there is a possibility that you may drown. The thing is, just because something feels good it doesn’t mean that you should do it!

Remember, weed impairs both your thinking and judgment. If you don’t get the math right and your life depends on your math being right, you are screwed.

To be safe, avoid the following activities while high:

  • Skydiving
  • Bungee jumping
  • Motocross
  • Swimming in deep water

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Operating Dangerous Machinery While High


If you smoke or ingest too much weed, you may experience confusion, anxiety, panic or paranoia. All these things can make you do some really dumb things, for example, if you are behind the wheel and you hallucinate. You may drive into a wall, run over someone or cause a serious accident.

While high, you should avoid operating dangerous machines such as cars, motorbikes, chainsaws and anything else that can kill you.

One of the worst things you can do while high is drink alcohol and operate dangerous machinery. When you combine weed and alcohol, each drug will affect your body in different ways. The conflicting messages sent to your brain will make you do a lot of dumb things.

Hiking While High can be Dangerous

What most people forget is. We are made of meat. The problem with that is. There are animals out there that have no problem with eating us. What if you smoke too much, find a nice spot under a tree to sleep and wake up inside a giant anaconda? It could happen you know.

The point is, pick your hiking trail carefully especially if you are planning to get high. Avoid straying from the set path and pay attention to the environment.

Now, I am not saying that people who hike sober are safer, what I’m saying is, the jungle, mountains, and savanna, are not the best place to lose yourself in a drug-induced stupor.

A lot of things can kill you while hiking, so be careful this weekend.

Texting While Walking or Driving

While high, you may decide to send that risky text you’ve been working on all week. If the person responds and you like what he or she is saying, you may lose yourself in the conversation.

If you are walking or driving, you may forget that there are cars around you, planes, angry people and a lot of things that can kill you.

Here is what we know, according to Safe Kids Worldwide, older teens (ages 15 to 19) account for 50% of pedestrian fatalities. The deaths are linked directly to ‘distracted walking’.

To be safe, avoid texting, looking at Facebook or tweeting while walking high.

Putting ‘Things’ in Your Mouth

People put a lot of things in their mouths these days, what if you choke on a hot dog or bread and die?

To reduce the risk of dying when you get the ‘munchies’ you should cut up your food into small pieces and eat slowly while high.

Generally, it’s all about common sense; if you know that something can hurt you or someone else avoid doing it especially while high.


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