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Weed Brief Guide to Buying Legal Weed in California



How Buy Legal Weed in California

As follows is a Guide to Buying Legal Weed in California that Boundless Labs helped us produce.

January 1, 2018, is a huge day for the marijuana community in the state of California.

As of January 1st, Californians over the age of 21 can now legally purchase marijuana. California residents passed the legalization of adult-use cannabis possession and sales. California has expectations to become a billion dollar market. In addition to California, dispensaries in Nevada recently opened for business.

In California, medical cannabis sales have been going on in some form since around the 1990s. Retail outlets that were previously only allowed to sell marijuana to patients will med cards, are now open as general adult-use dispensaries.

To buy legal marijuana without a med card in California—head to Berkeley, San Diego, San Jose or Santa Cruz, Mount Shasta, or out in the Southern California desert.

It seems that only cities with locally approved laws will be able to host sales on New Years Day. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for Los Angeles or San Francisco on January 1st. In both LA and SF, dispensaries won’t begin selling until a couple days into 2018, pending permits are awarded.

Weed Brief Guide to Buying Legal Weed in California

Since December 21, fifteen temporary adult-use licenses have been issued to dispensaries scattered throughout California. Where are they located, and which ones should you check out?

Santa Cruz

Head over to check out the venerable Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana.

Kind Peoples at 140 Dubois Street will open around 7am.

Not too far away from Santa Cruz is Del Ray Oaks and Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine, which are also worth checking out.

San Jose

If you live in the Bay Area, check out Buddy’s. You can also checkout Airfield Supply and Purple Lotus Patient Center.

Berkeley & Oakland

Both Oakland and Berkeley will have at least one dispensary opening its doors at 6 a.m on January 1st.

Opening at 6 a.m. on January 1st, be sure to check out Berkeley Patients Group.

Purple Heart in Oakland will also be opening around 6am.

San Diego

For Californians living in San Diego, things look great. San Diego will have more than five dispensaries open as of January 1: Mankind Cooperative, THCSDA Green AlternativeUrbn Leaf, and Torrey Holistics.

It’s not clear which will be the first to open its doors—and most appear to have normal operating hours starting at 9 a.m.

The Desert, The Coast Or The Mountains

Californians who live near Mount Shasta in far-northern California, Humboldt or Desert Hot Springs, can score legal weed now.

Check out Ecological Cannabis Organization in Eureka

Or Green Pearl Organics in Desert Hot Springs

Or 530 Cannabis in Shasta Lake

There are numerous dispensaries you can buy legal weed from. We hope this guide helped! For more marijuana news, make sure to check out additional Weed Brief articles here.

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