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Did Vermont Legalize Recreational Marijuana?



Did Vermont Legalize Recreational Marijuana

One week after Jeff session declared he will no longer respect state marijuana laws, Vermont legislatures voted to pass a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in Vermont. So, did Vermont legalize recreational marijuana? Almost, the state Senate’s vote by voice was in support of the legalization of recreational marijuana. Vermont’s Republican Governor, Phil Scott, will still have the final say and experts expect him to sign it in.

The Potential For A Massive Delay

The bad timing of this bill has lead to a great deal of criticism from both political parties. The timeline is already unknown. You can be sure implementation will be delayed even further if a lawsuit breaks out. All we can do now is wait and the Weed Brief team will keep all those Vermonters posted as more information begins to roll out.

Why is Vermont Special?

Vermont’s legalization of Marijuana is definitely unique. Vermont is well known as one of the nation’s most liberal states. But Vermont is also one of twenty-three US states that do not allow ballot initiatives. So this bill was not passed by voters taking to the polls and voicing their support for recreational cannabis. It passed solely on the backs of the politicians themselves. It may not be surprising to hear another state voted to legalize recreational marijuana, but politicians openly endorsing flower is something most politicians would never consider, aside from Gary Johnson(RIP).

Can I walk into a Seven Eleven and Buy a Pack of Joints?

The short answer is no. You can not walk into a seven eleven and buy a pack of joints in Vermont. Well, you can’t buy weed at any Seven Eleven in the United States but that’s beside the point. But didn’t Vermont legalize recreational marijuana? Not yet. Vermont is still waiting on the Phil Scott. Even with the Governor signature, there is still no clear timeline for the recreational legalization of marijuana. Vermont would be smart to take the lawmaking process slowly after observing California’s mistakes.

Conclusion: Did Vermont Legalize Recreational Marijuana?

Vermont has taken a huge step forward in the fight to legalize marijuana. Phil Scott still needs to sign it in. But the laws are likely to pass without any problems. And while timelines for recreational marijuana in Vermont is still unknown, the Green Mountain State looks like it will be taking all the necessary steps to recreational legalization. Hopefully, by the end of 2018, the answer to “did Vermont legalize recreational marijuana?” will be clear.

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