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Parents Smoking Weed: The Growing Trend



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While creating the Garden of Eden, God intentionally put a tree in the middle of the garden. God’s instructions were very simple “Adam, do not eat from that tree”. As expected, Adam ate from that tree and he got cursed. This event repeats itself over and over in different homes worldwide every day. The truth is. If you instruct someone not to do something, there is a very high possibility that that person will do that exact thing. If you are a parent and you smoke weed, telling your kids “don’t do drugs” and leaving it there is not enough.

Kids are sneaky little creatures, because of that nothing is safe in your home. Think back. Remember those Oreos you hid behind the fridge or that $20 that magically disappeared from your purse? If you are not careful, instead of Oreos, what might go missing next is that blunt you were saving for valentine’s night.

According to estimates, close to 90 million Americans over the age of 12 have tried marijuana at least once, the question is. Where do kids get marijuana from? When you smoke weed in front of your kids, you are not only exposing them to second hand smoke you are also building curiosity. Curiosity will push your kids to look for weed if not in your home somewhere else.

The question becomes, why is mommy or daddy using it and I can’t?

The Problem With smoking Marijuana at Home

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If your kids come home and find the house smelling like a frat house, questions will be asked. Don’t assume that kids are stupid because they are not, sooner or later they will figure out that you smoke weed.

To delay that or to keep that from happening, you should consider quitting smoking weed at home. I am not saying that you should quit weed, what I’m saying is. Instead of smoking it you should consider using a vaporizer or consuming edibles, why? Edibles won’t affect the air quality in your home and vaporizers won’t expose you or anyone else in your home to carcinogens released when smoking.

Should I Hide Weed From My Kids?

In my opinion, the answer is yes and no, why? Although the effects of weed diminish within 72 hours after use, marijuana can affect your child’s school and social life in a negative way. After consuming marijuana your child may find it difficult to learn, coordinate and remember things. That will impact his/her school performance if use is not controlled.

Let’s not pretend. Your child will have access to weed sooner or later. Because of that, the safe thing to do is to talk to your child and help him/her understand the consequences of using weed.  My advice, include marijuana in “the talk”. Threats usually don’t work with kids, so don’t make any. Instead, have a conversation with your child. When talking to your child, be calm, firm and direct. Don’t sugar coat things or tell lies, if you tell lies they will just Google your BS and ignore your parental advice.

Talking to your child is not a onetime thing, keep communication lines always open.

Keep Weed Away From Sight and Under Lock and Key

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Just because you keep weed out of site it doesn’t mean that your kids won’t get to it. To be sure that no one else is using your stash; keep your precious weed under lock and key and only use it when the kids are not at home or after they have gone to bed. Hiding edibles is a little tricky, look at it this way; you have to keep them from going bad and away from your kids.

It is a very bad idea to hide edibles in the communal fridge. The good thing is. Some edibles can last for days at room temperature. You figure out where to put your edibles, just make sure that your hiding spot is dry and secure.

What The Law Says

Let’s assume that you are out of town for the weekend and your kids use marijuana or any other drug they found in your home to throw a party. That can get you arrested and charged. The thing is. If your child has access to your drugs, that is legally considered child endangerment. Just two days ago, a couple was arrested and charged with child endangerment in Hopatcong, New Jersey. According to the police:

The smell of marijuana emanating from within a vehicle in which a child was in the backseat led to the arrest of two borough residents on child endangerment charges”

The suspects were arrested and are being held at the Sussex county jail.

The point is, if you decide to hide weed or any other drug in your home. It is very important to make sure that your kids can’t access it. If you are going for a long trip, it is safer to carry your stash with you. Carry it, won’t I get arrested? That depends on your chosen method of hiding weed; we covered that and more here.

Do you have kids? Do you have any ideas on how to hide weed from kids, please share them with us. We have a new give away on, join us to find out how to win.

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