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Hopes for More Marijuana Dispensaries in Connecticut



Marijuana Dispensaries in Connecticut

Hopes for More Marijuana Dispensaries in Connecticut

A statement which states Connecticut expects to include greater medical marijuana dispensaries has us excited for the new calendar year.

In an honorable new year’s resolution, Connecticut expects to include additional medical marijuana dispensaries within their state. The announcement came right straight from the nation’s Department of Consumer Protection. Just how does the Department intend to lure prospective dispensary owners to apply? And just how many more dispensaries does the Department wish to include?

Dispensaries in Connecticut

Back in 2011, Connecticut’s governor Dannel Malloy decriminalized cannabis for the sake of unclogging the state’s legal and criminal justice strategy. A year after, Governor Malloy took it a step farther. In 2012, he implemented the state’s medical marijuana program. While the initial plan explicitly excluded minors, it’s now been amended.

For Connecticut patients over the age of 18, you will find 22 medical ailments that entitle the patient to medical marijuana. Six of those ailments and diseases listed for adults qualify minors for medical marijuana.

“Our nation’s medical marijuana program is remarkably effective and is climbing rapidly,” she explained.

To maintain the momentum, Connecticut expects to include more medical marijuana dispensaries for their roster. Nowadays, there are over 22,400 registered medical marijuana patients in the state and only over 800 doctors, and advanced practice registered nurses who’ve signed on to support cannabis.

But in the present time, there are only nine medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. What’s more, there are just four licensed cannabis growers.

Hopes for More Marijuana Dispensaries in Connecticut

The statement, undoubtedly, brought pleasure and optimism to the tens of thousands of medical marijuana patients in the state. Officially, the Department of Consumer Protection expects for more new dispensaries. Along with the customary business models and strategies, the Department will choose the place of their applicants’ potential company into account also.

People who would like to throw their hats in the ring must initiate the process shortly. According to the official directions, applicants should turn in their programs no later than 3 pm Monday, April 9. The program includes sections for suggested plans for business and advertising, a shop design and specific location of this proposed centre. Other departments include worker health and safety, community give-back strategies along with a strategy to stop chemical abuse. Furthermore, applicants should also submit to criminal history checks and turn in 3 decades worth of tax info. Hopeful dispensary operator should also pay a non refundable application fee of $1000.

The directions to use to start a new dispensary are extreme and possibly overpowering. However, when you split the directions down, applicants will find these clear, simple to comprehend and overall entirely manageable. With just a little patience and a great deal of well-intentioned men and women, Connecticut is guaranteed to satisfy their aim of three or more new medical marijuana dispensaries.

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