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How To Grow A Secret Marijuana Garden



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Let’s face it; weed is too damn expensive these days. Little monies means that you can only buy shitty weed from questionable sources, but the good news is. You don’t have to anymore.

Marijuana is a very easy plant to grow, the issue is. Growing it especially in large amounts is a felony in most places.

Relying on a dealer or waiting for the government to legalize is not an option if you or a loved one has a condition that can be cured with weed. The best option you have to grow your own supply, why? When the plant matures, you will know exactly what’s going inside your body. Plus, you will save money that you can use to buy sweet corn or tomatoes.

To most people, a garden is a little patch of land with neat straight rows of plants, usually with bare soil or mulch between them. A secret marijuana garden doesn’t have to look like a garden, how?

There are several ways to hide a garden, and the good news is. Not many people can identify a marijuana plant in the wild.

Find a Room And Paint The Walls White

In crowded urban areas, it is very difficult to find places to grow weed, because of that, many people choose to grow weed indoors. Putting your garden in the wrong place almost guarantees getting caught; meaning, you have to put a lot of thought into this. In urban environments, the best places to grow weed are:

The Attic

The biggest problem with growing weed in your attic is heat, heat is bad for the plant and it attracts unwanted attention.  If you decide to grow weed in the attic, you should invest in LED lights, why? During winter it is very easy to tell if someone is growing weed in the attic, look at it this way, heat causes snow to melt on your roof. LED lights don’t produce too much heat.

Another important thing is ventilation and insulation. To keep your plants ventilated you should cut holes in your ceiling and cover them with vent covers. During the summer months, you can use fans to keep your plants safe from heat (too much heat kills plants).

The Basement

The awesome thing about basements is. Temperature remains at a steady rate throughout the year.  What you have to worry about is ventilation and lights. I’m sure you can figure that out, if you can’t, ask in the comment section!

Some other places you should consider:

  • Garage
  • Unused room
  • Closet
  • Grow boxes

How To Not Attract Attention

Nowadays, people are snitching on twelve-year-olds for selling water and mowing lawns. To keep that nosy neighbor’s curiosity at bay, you need to hide the smell of weed and your ‘unusual activity’. An easy way to do that is to buy a carbon filter and to ensure that your grow room has proper ventilation. There is also the issue of noise. when working on your secret garden, Don’t make too much noise or use noisy equipment. Use your hands.

The People You Let Into Your Home

What if you have an argument with someone and he or she decides to call the cops on you?

Be very careful who you let see your garden, your grow area should always be under lock and key.

Become Donald Trump

<img src="trump.png"Donald j Trump brick wall, angry alt="">

A tall fence made of concrete blocks and a sturdy gate will keep out people, but remember, nowadays, people have drones and the police have helicopters. What you should do is create a private spot on your land where you can grow weed safely. For example, a mini greenhouse or hidden grow boxes, or better yet, in flower pots.

Natural Growing Patterns

The problem with walls is. They attract attention. If your home is the only one fenced in the neighborhood, people will talk. If you decide to grow weed outdoors, make it almost impossible to see.

Instead of growing it in neat rows, use natural growing patterns. For example, let other wild plants grow in your private area and grow weed alongside them.

Legal Plants That Look Like Weed

If you decide to grow weed in plain sight, you should hide it amongst plants such as:

  • Cassava
  • Kenaf
  • Mint
  • Tomatoes
  • Azaleas
  • Rose mallow
  • Cranberry hibiscus

You can also use fake flowers.  

The point is, don’t make it obvious that you are growing weed. Make it seem like, it grew on its own thus you are not responsible for it. If anyone asks questions all you have to do is deny knowledge.

Keep in mind that growing marijuana is a felony in most places, so do everything you can to cover your bases. If you do get caught, don’t admit to anything because it is up to them to prove that you planted the weed.

Some things you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t steal power.
  • Don’t let light leak out from your grow room.

How officers know that you are growing weed

Marijuana-grow operations give off unusual heat activity if a helicopter with heat cameras flies over your home let’s say during winter. Melted ice spots may warrant a further look at your home. To avoid that, keep your operation small, avoid stealing electricity, and use LED lights. Other signs are:

  • Melted ice spots
  • Someone tells on you
  • You become careless
  • The smell
  • Sounds from grow lights, water/air pumps and fans.
  • Ventilation
  • Security
  • Unusual activity around your home

A secret garden should remain secret, so don’t post your plants on Facebook and keep the number of plants you grow under the legal limit. Remember, the more you grow the more trouble you will be in if arrested. Currently, if you are over 21, the limits are:

State Number of Plants
Alaska Up to 6 plants, 3 of them mature.
Colorado Up to 6 plants, 3 of them mature.
District of Columbia Up to 6 plants, 3 of them mature
Washington Homegrown marijuana remains illegal. Individuals who grow marijuana must have a marijuana producer license.
Massachusetts Up to 6 plants for personal use
Michigan Medical marijuana patient can grow up to 12 plants
Maine Up to 6 plants for personal use, in a locked facility
Hawaii Medical marijuana patient can grow up to 7 plants
New Mexico  Up to 4 plants
California 6 plants per residency
Arizona Medical marijuana patient can grow up to 12 plants
Montana Registered cardholder can possess 4 plants
Vermont Registered patient can grow up to 2 plants
Nevada Up to 12 plants
Rhode Island Up to 12 plants. Only patients and caregivers
Oregon Up to 4 plants.


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