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Reasons Why Butt-Whooping Your Ganja Smoking Child Won’t Work



kids smoking weed

We all hate our parents at one point in our lives, some of us get over it and others carry that hate into adulthood and only show up at your funeral.  According to the bible “He who withholds his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him diligently.” The problem is. The most common reason why kids end up hating their parents is violence.

Remember that time your mom slapped the spirits out of you or that time your dad unleashed a butt whooping so serious you couldn’t sit right for days?

80s and 90s babies learned very early in life that, if you do some dumb shit, your ass was getting whooped! That kept most of us on the straight and narrow. But these days realities are different, look at it this way, if you put your hands on your child, you may end up behind bars.

As a parent, I’m sure that you want what is best for your child. So the question is. How should you react if you find your child smoking marijuana or doing some other shit he or she isn’t supposed to do?

Your Child Is A Human Being

Marijuana is the drug of choice for teenagers these days, why?

It’s easy to access and research indicates that pot is safe for human consumption, oh and kids think that it’s cool to smoke weed. Blame the rappers and Lana Del Rey. Because of that, it is very likely that your child has experimented or is planning to experiment with marijuana. The thing is. experimenting is part of growing up; it’s how we learn things.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a parent is to let someone else teach your child about drugs and other things such as sex, why? Drug and sex educators treat kids like idiots, for example, when talking about the side effects of weed. They only focus on the negative side effects of marijuana use such as anxiety, grade drops, laziness, aggression etc, if your child experiments and experiences none of that. He or she will not see the bigger picture.

In his/her head, your child will think that you are all bullshiters. That’s why you think peer counselors are full of shit, right?

If you find your child smoking weed, you have to approach the situation in a smart way. The old ways don’t work; you may be living testament of that.

Why Some Teenage Marijuana Smokers Turn Out Great And Others Failures

washing machine fail

Is your home a safe environment for your child? Think about it, does your child have the freedom to tell you about everything that’s going on in his/her life?

As your child gets older, your relationship with him/her may start to deteriorate, why? When a child does something wrong, most parents react by passing judgment. Do you call your child names, do you compare your kids or do you punish your kids for the slightest mistakes?

What you don’t do is talk to your child.

There is a difference between talking and lecturing your child, lectures are boring and are often ignored. Talking, on the other hand, helps your child understand things. For example, if you tell your child “stop smoking weed” and add some warnings, there is a very high probability that that child will go and smoke weed a few hours after the lecture, why? He or she wants to forget your bullshit.

When talking to your child, be the adult but also be your child’s friend. Therefore:

  • Don’t attack
  • Show respect to his/her opinions.

The reason why some young marijuana smokers turn out great and others don’t is, when young they didn’t learn how to balance leisure and school. The truth is. There are kids out there who smoke weed every week and their grades don’t drop. And there are others who can’t control their habits.

Is Marijuana Safe For Kids?

man smoking

That discussion is still up for debate, but what I can tell you is helping your child understand the consequences of his or her actions is more beneficial than whooping the child’s butt or lecturing him/her. Some people think that everyone who smokes weed ends up burnt out and useless. But if you look around you will find lots of successful people who started using pot at a very young age.

You should teach your child how the world works at a very young age. Teach him or her to prioritize. Use school work to help your child set priorities, the child should know what’s important and what’s not. For example, education is important, smoking weed is not (it is just a leisure activity).

If your child is using pot, you should emphasize on three things:

  • Responsibility
  • Moderation
  • Safety

The problem with human beings is. If you tell a person not to do something, that person will do it anyway even if it’s bad for them. That’s why prohibitions never work, look at it this way; it is human nature to rebel. If marijuana use is not affecting your child’s health, social life or schoolwork, prohibiting that child from smoking weed may create new problems that may have long-term consequences. So don’t treat your child like an idiot, make him or her understand things.

Who Is Your Child Hanging Out With?

kids smoking and drinking

The environment your child grows up in will determine the type of person he or she will become. If your child grows up around drug user and gangsters, he or she may end up becoming one of that or both. You can’t keep an eye on your kid 24 hours a day, but, you can give your child the knowledge he or she needs to make the right decisions.

Communication is very important here, lack of communication may push you to do some stupid things that may alienate you from your child. For example, going through your child’s things or phone may create distrust.

Talking to your child about action and consequences is beneficial in that before he or she does something. Consequences will always come to mind. Remember, you can’t choose your kid’s friends for them.

What To Do If You Find Your Child Smoking Weed

Don’t lay down the law, bringing cops into the equation will only worsen the problem and so will taking sides. Instead, you should have an open, frank discussion with your child. Be honest and don’t judge your child, if you make up some bullshit, your child will find out. To make this work, if you know nothing about marijuana use, educate yourself first.

You should also create a safe environment for your child to smoke weed without them ever knowing it. The thing is, it is better for your child to smoke weed in your backyard than it is for him/her to smoke behind a school building. How many bad things do you think your parents secretly let you walk away with?

If you try to stop your child from experimenting, you may end up pushing him or her away.

Experimenting is part of growing up; it teaches kids how the world works. To guide your child through his/her experimenting phase you should learn to communicate and emphasize on responsibility, moderation, and safety.

What Are The Long-Term Legal Consequences?

If your child is caught in possession of marijuana, there will be long-term consequences. For example, after high school, he or she will be ineligible from accessing college financial aid and on top of that, your child may find it difficult to find a job.

Help your child understand these things; you should also talk to him/her about addiction. Remember, scare tactics don’t work these days.



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