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Where to buy Cheap Weed in California




Remember the law of supply and demand? If you don’t, let me refresh your memory with my limited knowledge of economics, the law states, the higher the price, the lower the quantity demanded, ceteris paribus (all other things being equal). But here is the problem; some goods such as marijuana don’t always follow the rules.

After California legalized weed, you may have noticed that the price of marijuana in the state shot up, but, people are still buying.

These days, finding cheap weed in California is not easy, right?

If you have limited monies or you want to save some cash this month, pay attention.

Option 1: Buy From Yourself

If you are over 21, the law allows you to grow up to six plants at your residence. As we all know, plants take a long time to grow. From seedling to harvest, marijuana plants take 3-5 months. That’s a long time to wait, what you can do to ensure that you have a steady supply of weed is. Create a four season garden. What is a four-season garden, you ask?

I am talking about a year-round garden planner where you can identify when the plants will flower or mature each season. Do the math and find strains of marijuana that can grow in winter, summer, spring, and autumn. The point is. There should always be plants growing in your home all year round i.e. plant new seedlings 2 or three months before the ones growing now, mature, make sense?

How long can six plants last you?

Outdoors, a single plant can yield 500gm of weed or more depending on the conditions. If you do your math right, you may no longer have to buy weed in California.

California is a great place to grow weed, look at it this way, the winters don’t get too cold and thanks to Proposition 215, you are allowed to grow weed outside.

Option 2: Buy in Bulk

An ounce of weed will cost you a little over $200 depending on where you buy, how long that ounce lasts will depend on how you use it.  If you smoke once or twice a week, an ounce can last for days or even months. However, if you smoke daily, an ounce will last you less than a week.

The advantage of buying weed in bulk is, it is cheaper and you have a lot of room to negotiate. But, there are other costs you must think about, for example, where will you store it?

The best place to store weed is inside an airtight container, why? If dried and stored right, weed can last for years. On the other hand, if you don’t store it in an airtight container, your herb will grow mold and become unsafe for consumption.

So before you buy, make sure that you have enough storage for the weed. You can buy weed in bulk online, from your dealer or from a dispensary near you.

Option 3: Befriend your Dealer

Split a blunt with your dealer, hang out with your dealer and treat him or her like a friend. But don’t try too hard, people hate that. You are a grown man or woman, I’m sure you know how to make friends, right?

For this to work, you must find a dealer you can trust or connect with.

The good thing about being friends with your dealer is. You will get high-quality weed at low prices.

Another alternative is to share costs with your friend or friends. The good thing about ‘matching’ with your friend or friends is, you smoke more weed and you don’t have to spend too much money.

Option 4: Import Weed

This option is a little risky but people do it all the time, here is the thing, weed is very cheap in states like Oregon and New Jersey. If you find yourself a dealer in a cheaper state, you can get weed mailed to you through USPS.

If you prefer to buy marijuana from a dispensary, it’s best to buy weed in California. Why?  Buying outside your state may be a little more expensive and finding a dispensary willing to mail you weed is not easy. If you have no problem with street weed, you can save a lot of money by buying weed from a cheaper state.

To be safe, don’t buy weed from sites like craigslist, instead, find a friend in the area or state you intend to buy from and have him/her connect you directly with a reliable dealer.

If you are caught doing this you may face federal charges, to avoid that, read this.

Option 5: On the Streets or at a Dispensary?

If you are looking to save money, you should buy from the streets, why? Street dealers don’t have to pay taxes, rent and all other costs associated with running a dispensary. Because of that, they can afford to sell you weed at low prices.

The problem with street weed is. What you buy, may or may not be weed. There are people out there selling spiked or synthetic marijuana. Synthetic weed or adulterated weed is not good for you; it may contain rat poison, heavy metals and other things that may make you sick.

If it’s your first time buying street weed, you should learn how to identify spiked weed.

Be Stingy

The reason why you are running out of weed very fast could be. You are wasting weed. How often do you smoke much more than you need?  Do you know how to properly inhale weed?

To keep yourself from wasting weed you should learn to pace yourself, limit the number of times you smoke and choose your method of smoking wisely. Bongs and vaporizers will save you money, blunts and joints are great, but, you will use a lot of weed.

Alternatively, you should switch to edibles. They are cheaper and the high lasts longer than smoking weed.

What is the best way to save money on weed, please tell us in the comment section. Don’t forget we have a new giveaway, so join us and share what you like.


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