Glass Giveaway

What are we giving away?

Straight Tube Bong

We’re giving away one Grace Glass bong. This straight tube has a spiral percolator so it’s super smooth and features a splash guard and carb hole. If you’re not a fan of the carb hole, no worries, it also comes with a rubber stopper. If you want a chance at this beautiful piece click below to enter. There are five winners so chances of winning are high!

Red and Yellow Glass Tobacco Pipe

Four Glass Pipes

On top of the Straight Tube Bong, we’re stoked to be giving away 4 of the classic glass travel pipes! The pipes simplistic colored accents are gorgeous, and the size makes them perfect for all kinds of weed enthusiasts. Again, if you’re trying to take home a straight tube bong or one of the clean pipes tap the button below and enter for a chance to win.