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What is Marijuana Used For?



Marijuana Uses

Three facts about marijuana? Everything on this planet has a certain amount of facts that are attached to it. Mostly, those facts are not of much interest to us because we don’t really get into much contact with those things. Marijuana is a substance that is popular among almost all age groups, besides the kids obviously we don’t need no more infant drug abuse incidents. Due to this popularity we have compiled three of the most shocking yet interesting facts about marijuana for you. Prepare to be amazed, I sure as hell felt amazed yet fascinated about how marijuana can be so I don’t know fascinating?
It’s obvious that marijuana has the ability to get you high, but the facts about marijuana and it’s culture are not so obvious in the society, even the pro-marijuana society. Relax, roll up and start reading these mind blowing facts. Let’s educate ourselves about the substance that we love the most.

The first thing bought and sold online was a bag of weed


So all of us, pretty much half of the globe has used the online shopping platforms or as its more commonly known as, “e-commerce” before. Yet not many books or websites have really mentioned in the history of e-commerce what the first e-commerce sale and transaction was. Yes! You have understood right, the first sale that was made on the online shopping platform was of marijuana in the year 1971. In 1971, students at Stanford used Arpanet accounts at the university’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to engage in the world’s first e-commerce transaction.

Iceland loves weed more than any other country

No matter what country we belong to, we believe that the country that we are living in loves weed more than any other country in the world. But hey, did you know out of every country in the world, Iceland is the first country to love weed more than any other country. It was recorded that 18.3% of the population is using weed or cannabis, no wonder Iceland loves weed more than any other country in the world. Portugal however doesn’t even crack the top 30, while the Netherlands and Jamaica come in 20th and 22nd place.

Shakespeare was a stoner

Shakespeare? The author of the famous play Rome and Juliet? He was a stoned? Whaaaaattt? Yeah I was amazed at this fact too, how was cannabis even available back in that time? However, yes it came to our notice that Shakespeare was a stoner and this is a fact. In 2015, several of William Shakespeare’s pipe fragments tested positive for cannabis residue. It can take 90 minutes to two hours for ingested weed to get you high, versus just 10 minutes for inhaled weed

Did you consider these three facts about marijuana as shocking as we did? We really hope you learned something and expanded your education about marijuana from this article about three facts about marijuana. Don’t forget to subscribe and let us know what you learned. If you have any facts to share with us, don’t forget, we’re all eyes and ears.

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