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10 Signs Your Child is Smoking Weed



Teens Smoking Marijuana

Dealing With Your Child, The Right Way.

We have all seen relationships ruined by parents improperly handling the news that their child is smoking weed. We’ve seen everything from kicking a child out of the house to smoking with the child. So it is pretty clear that there are a series of extremes out there. But to start read on.

First, Educate Yourself About Marijuana

An educated Parent would know that smoking weed is actually less harmful than alcohol. However, many parents still treat a pot smoking kid like a heroin addict.

A quick lesson on Marijuana:

What is marijuana?

Marijuana is the flowery part of the female Cannabis plant. Often known for containing THC and CBD. THC psychoactive and gets you high while CBD is not and is known to have huge potential for a wide range of medical applications.

What does Marijuana do to the brain?

We’ll dive deeper into this later. But in short, Marijuana’s main drug THC is similar to a couple chemicals naturally found in the brain allowing THC to interact and take the place of these chemicals. This results in a change or slowing in the way neurons communicate with Cannabinoid receptors affecting a person’s reaction time, disrupting one’s ability to remember things that just happened, cause anxiety, and affect judgment.

How is marijuana ingested?

We doubt your son or daughter are using tinctures so we’ll start with the basics. Marijuana is ingested in two main ways, smoking, and eating. Marijuana foods are called “edibles”, for obvious reasons. Edibles are known to be more potent and to have a stronger body high and extreme head high if taken in large doses. If eaten, you can expect longer lasting effects which may take 30 minutes to a couple hours to kick in. Many believe edibles to be healthier because you are avoiding smoke in the lungs.


Marijuana vs Alcohol (You know, that thing you probably drink a few times a week)

The reason we bring up this comparison is that many parents might be okay with drinking because they are exposed to it. This allows those who lack exposure compare it to a relatable drug that is consumed across the globe.


  • No recorded deaths. (Some deaths have resulted due to underlying health conditions or physical trauma while high)
  • Physically non-addictive.


  • Alcohol leads to 88,000 annual deaths according to the CDC.
  • Physically addictive.

Marijuana is clearly no toy. But depending on parenting styles, most should be okay with marijuana. If you allow a glass of wine or a beer at the dinner table you’re letting son or daughter use a much more dangerous and addictive drug.

How to Talk With Your Child

By now you know the signs your child is smoking weed. Maybe you have even found out that your son or daughter is smoking weed. Now what? We recommend to keep reading up on the subject and learn everything you can about Marijuana. But most importantly talk openly with your child. If you’re feeling scared, upset, or even just disappointed, tell them. I recall my father shattering my brother’s bubbler(Glass Smoking Apparatus) on the driveway when he caught him smoking weed for the first time. His reaction makes sense as he had no exposure to marijuana. He could have caught him shooting up heroin and I can’t imagine his reaction would be any less reactive. Today his views have completely changed on the subject of Marijuana. So go read into Marijuana or maybe even give it a try. You might find that your views will change too.

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