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Do Marijuana Breathalyzers Work?



pot breathelizer

Do you remember Katelyn Ebner?

Back in 2016, she was arrested for being stone cold sober in Georgia. What happened was, a cop decided to pull her over after observing her driving.

Cop as he goes to handcuff Ebner: “you are showing me indicators that you have smoked marijuana”

“The only thing that I can honestly think off is I’m anemic, like, highly anemic. You can check my records” pleaded Ebner “I do not smoke weed. I do not do any of that stuff. I do not do that stuff. I have never had any problems. Nothing”

Ebner asks for a drug test to which the cop replies “you’re going to jail, ma’am.” “I don’t have a magical drug test that I can give you right now”

Question, is the cop right? Or let me put it this way; is there a magical drug test that police officers use to figure out if you are high on weed?

The ‘Pot Breathalyzer’

Yesterday, a California company announced that it had created the first marijuana breathalyzer. The question is, does it work and should we expect cops to start using this ungodly invention?

According to Mike Lynn the guy who invented or should I say created the device. The pot breathalyzer can accurately detect whether a person has smoked pot in the last two hours, it measures use regardless of how marijuana was consumed and it also measures alcohol.

Do Marijuana Breathalyzers Work?

Here is the problem, there is still no agreement on what amount of THC in breathe, saliva or blood constitutes functional impairment. States such as Washington have set guidelines as to how much THC in your system makes you a dangerous driver. But some scientists say that those limits are not backed by hard science.

The problem with weed is. It affects people in different ways. For example, 1 gram of weed (depending on strain) may be enough to impair you but not enough to impair the guy sitting next to you. Also due to the fact that THC is stored in the body’s fat and it remains active while in storage, it can stay in your system for a very long time.

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How Cops Decide if You are too Stoned to Drive

If you fail two of the following tests, it is a sign that you are high on weed:

  • The one-legged stand: This is a very simple test; all you have to do is stand on one leg and countdown.
  • Touch the tip: this test requires you to touch the tip of your nose six times, three times with the index finger of each hand.
  • Eyes closed: you may be asked to stand with your eyes closed and estimate the passage of 30 seconds.
  • Heel-to-toe: you may also be asked to take a series of heel to toe steps in a prescribed way.

To prove how reliable these tests are, you should smoke weed and try doing them.

The point is, cops don’t need marijuana breathalyzers to figure out if you are stoned or not. All they have to do is observe your behavior, how you answer questions and look at your eyes. Yes, some cops make mistakes but majority are accurate most of the time.

What I’m saying is. If you are too stoned to drive, don’t get behind the wheel, you might kill someone.


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