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Five Clever Ways to Hide the Smell of Weed



The smell of weed is sadly one of the most recognizable smells in the world. Look at it this way, smoke a joint and walk by the wrong canine and you might find yourself in a world of trouble.

Correct me if I’m wrong. Somewhere in the past, you found yourself in a situation where you had to hide the smell of weed fast. Remember that time you were hotboxing your room and mom came home early?

Fortunately, the smell of marijuana is very easy to hide. Unfortunately, not many people know how to effectively hide the smell. That’s why you have that friend who always stinks up your car. An easy low tech solution to mask the smell of weed is to put your weed and an orange (cut into four pieces) in an airtight container.

Doing that will make the weed smell better and the airtight jar will hold the smell. You can also experiment with other flavors; just make sure that the orange or whatever fruit you use and the weed don’t come into contact.

Whatever situation you are in, the following methods will help you mask or reduce the smell of weed. I am not sure about canines but these methods will definitely hide the smell from humans.


What’s up With That Guy and Empty Toilet Rolls?

toilet paper roll

Have you ever seen someone walking around with an empty toilet roll at a concert?  That person may not be looking for a garbage bin, why?

A simple toilet roll can easily be turned into a sploof or a doob tube.

What is a doob tube you ask?

A doob tube is a homemade device that can effectively hide the smell of weed. here is the fun part. All the items you need to make one are currently in your bathroom.  To make one you need the following things.

  • Empty toilet roll/plastic bottle.
  • Scented dryer sheet to fill the inside and wrap over one end.
  • Tape, rubber band or string.

If you can’t figure out what to do with these items, you can buy one on Amazon. Take note, some plastic doob tubes have a strong plastic odor.

The idea is to stuff your chosen tube with toilet paper then exhale smoke through it, doing that will hide the smell. You will be surprised by how effective doob tubes are, go ahead try it right now and tell us about it. Wait! Out of weed?

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It is important to change the screens/toilet paper often for sanitary reasons. Things can get nasty inside your new invention if you get lazy. You can also use marker bodies to create your own doob tube.


Air Freshener

What is the best way to respond to an authority figure when caught red-handed doing something illegal? This guy has the right idea.


Deny, deny and deny some more but in a polite and respectful manner, if you do it right you may walk away with just a warning. Air fresheners are designed with only one goal in mind, get rid of unwanted smells.

A Good air freshener will get rid of smoke and smell as soon as it is released. One of the most recommended air fresheners is febreeze.

If you smoke indoors and you don’t want your room, car, or even bathroom smelling like weed. You should invest in a good air freshener.

Another option is to buy a vaporizer; the awesome thing about vaporizers is you won’t have to light anything and they reduce the smell of weed. This makes vaporizers perfect for people who smoke out in the open.


Tie you Hair Back and Open the Windows

woman tying hair back

One of the easiest ways to get rid of the smell of weed is to simply blow smoke out a window, why? Circulation, by opening a window and turning on a fan you allow fresh air to circulate in your space.

This keeps smoke from attaching to fabrics or your hair. If you have long hair, tying it back reduces the surface area on which smoke can attach.

If your clothes reek of marijuana, the simple solution is to simply wash them.

I recently learned that vodka absorbs odors. that means that if your wardrobe smells of marijuana, the easy solution is to spray your clothes with vodka. Vodka will absorb odors from the fabrics.

Taking a bath and washing your hair after smoking will keep you from smelling like weed.

Generally, it’s all about keeping yourself, your belongings, and the air, clean in your home.  Your curtains, sofa, bedding etc will hold on to smoke and odor. Vacuuming and cleaning your space regularly will keep unwanted scents or odors.


Smoke in the Bathroom

shower head

Although wasteful, smoking in the shower is one of the easiest ways to hide the smell of weed, but what if your shower has no windows?

What you will need

  • Pipe
  • Doob tube
  • Lighter

The first thing you should do is put a towel underneath the door to keep the smell from escaping and turn on the bathroom fan. After that, steam up the room by turning the hot water all the way up.

The next step requires a doob tube, after taking a hit from your pipe. Cover it to keep smoke from escaping and ghost the smoke (hold it in). Then exhale through the doob tube.

When done take a nice hot shower then spray some air freshener to cover up the smell, leave the bathroom fan running for at least 20 minutes. If you don’t have a doob tube you should try exhaling the smoke into the drain.


Smoke Outside

husky in snow

The awesome thing about smoking outdoors is. Air will get rid of the smell. But remember there is always the possibility that the smoke might blow back into a nearby house or cop car (mind your surroundings). To avoid any unwanted attention find a secure place to enjoy your smoke.

After smoking weed outdoors, what might give you up is your breath. Simply brushing your teeth will get rid of that problem.

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