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Hospital fires volunteer over medical marijuana use



Hospital fires volunteer over medical marijuana use

Kaiser Hospital fires volunteer over medical marijuana use for her anxiety-induced insomnia

California recently legalized cannabis in the State. With weed being legal, most assumed that California residents could freely enjoy it. However, that isn’t the case for a volunteer at Kaiser Hospital. Due to her status as a medical partner patient, she was fired. She legally can use marijuana for her anxiety-induced insomnia.

Hauser, the 50-year-old lady who was fired has been studying to become a nurse for quite some time. Come to find out, because she uses marijuana, she is now unable to continue working at Kaiser.

She got word that she was being fired in a letter that reviewed the company’s drug screening policy. She hasn’t been fired in the past due to her need for medical marijuana.

Hauser spoke out saying that what she does in free time has no negative effect on her work during the day. She said she’s never been high on the job and that it’s never caused her to perform poorly.

Hauser has been in a program that would allow her to transition to a more permanent role. However, she found out recently after she was almost done, that she would be required to pass a drug test. It was at this point that she came forward about her medical marijuana usage.

Even though she needs the marijuana to help her insomnia, she volunteered to give it up in order to continue helping others.

The excuse Kaiser gave for not allowing Hauser to continue there is that since the company does work with the federal government, it’s a conflict of interest.

Kaiser came forward and defended themselves by saying they must abide by all rules so they can ensure the safety of their staff and patients.

Since the mid-1990’s, marijuana has been legal in California. It wasn’t until January of 2018 that recreational marijuana became legal. Even with that, employers can still fire employees for not taking and not passing a drug test.

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