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Hospital in the UK gives out free weed



Hospital in the UK gives out free weed

Hospital in the UK gives out free weed

In the UK, medical marijuana products are currently legal but are quite difficult to obtain. The price of the products are expensive and for whatever reason, are hard to get. Sativex which is marijuana spray for intense diseases such as multiple sclerosis costs over 500 dollars for 270 doses. A hospital on a small island in Jersey is giving away free Sativex to anyone that needs it and has a med card for it.

The government is focused on providing free products like Sativex to anyone who has a need for it and has a prescription for it.

Sativex is just the start

The UK government is working on providing other products similar to Sativex to patients that are approved for it.

For some background on Sativex in the UK, it’s important to know that it was first approved back in 2010. Today, Sativex is the only permitted marijuana product in all of Jersey. The cannabis medication has elements in it that help with anxiety and pain, along with other benefits. The product has components of THC and CBD, which is different than other products that are similar but don’t contain traces of the plant.

Because medical marijuana is hard to obtain, this is a huge step in the right direction.

Marijuana in Jersey is a tangled operation

A big issue for places like Jersey is that it must first go through the UK and France which both have very strict marijuana laws.

Jersey is working on a solution to overcome these strict laws. They are considering growing it right in Jersey as one of the solutions.

Today Jersey grows hemp which is an issue as is, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

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