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How to Make Real Money Selling Weed




When you buy something from someone, you don’t just buy the product you also buy a service. Let’s say you are Donald J Trump and you want to buy a product from Stephanie Gregory Clifford. If Clifford isn’t nice to Donald, Donald will take his business somewhere else even if Stephanie has the best product in the market, why?

My limited knowledge of human psychology tells me that humans like to be treated and talked to nicely, for example, you walk into a marijuana dispensary and the person behind the counter shows no interest in you being there. If that happens, something inside you will tell you to take your business somewhere else. On the other hand, if you find the person behind the counter with a smile on his/her face and a good attitude towards you. You will want to spend more time in there and you will buy more. In simple terms what I am telling you is, put yourself in your customer’s shoes when selling weed.

Here is the thing; I’m guessing where you are right now marijuana is illegal or heavily regulated, that means that if you are caught selling weed you may spend time behind bars. The question is. How do you find a market for your product without exposing yourself?

Telegram and the dark web

Accessing the dark web is too much work plus it’s crawling with police officers, telegram, on the other hand, is being hailed as the “online home for lawbreakers”, why? Anonymity, unlike Whatsapp and other messenger apps, telegram channels offer great anonymity. What you can do with that anonymity is find people who are looking for what you are selling without exposing yourself.

If you are starting out, you may have to spend some money to advertise your telegram channel in your area.

It goes without saying that you should not post your picture, real name, social security number, birth certificate and other things dumb people post on social media on Telegram. Instead, what you should do is create a channel that is focused on your product and not you. Therefore, take pictures, differentiate and package your product right.

A great place to sell weed via telegram is in college or university, why?

You are selling to adults who are in the process of discovering themselves, plus it’s cheaper to be a stoner than a drinker in college (depending on where you are).

The thing is, if you walk around campus asking people if they want to buy illegal drugs, sooner or later you will be caught and that may mean getting kicked out of college or worse. On the other hand, doing your business online means that you don’t have to actually meet your customers.

If you are student, you should consider meeting your customers off campus grounds and don’t boast in class that you have a shit ton of weed in your car or room.

Instead, create a telegram channel and spread the word. Go to parties, football matches and other places where college kids meet.

If you find it difficult to build an audience on telegram, you should consider using sites like leafedin or apps like weedmaps to sell your product.

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Don’t Screw New Customers

Let’s say you find a new customer and he/she does not know the price of weed in the area if you decide to overcharge that person and he/she later finds out. You have lost a customer. Yes, you got some quick cash in the short run but in the long run, that person would have given you more money than you got that one time. The point is, don’t get greedy, do your math.

You want new customers to fall in love with your business, so be nice, anticipate needs and treat everyone like a VIP. Now I am not saying that you should bend over and take it up the booty hole, learn how to read people and know when to say NO.

Learn how to Bribe People

In your drug dealing career, you will find yourself in lots of situations where you have to bribe someone. For example, if you intend to sell weed inside a club or private party, you may have to go through a security check at the door. If the huge guys at the door find weed on you, you may get kicked out, however, if you ‘make things pleasant’ for them, they will let you walk in with marijuana on you.

I must mention that bribery doesn’t always work especially in the US, therefore, learn to read people.

My advice is. Look at the person in the eye, speak confidently and gauge his/her reactions to your request.

What if you get arrested with a huge bag of weed in let’s say Texas?  If the officer takes you in, you may spend decades behind bars.

In the US, bribing cops is very risky, look at it this way, if the cop has strong morals and a reputation for honesty. You may also be charged with trying to bribe a police officer.

To avoid getting yourself into more problems than you are in, you should learn how to “sugar coat” what you are saying i.e. don’t straight up ask the person if he or she wants a bribe. Instead, steer the conversation and make the officer believe that he or she can get something worthwhile from you if they let you go.

Remember, cops these days wear body cams, so watch your words.

Don’t forget, my mom says I give terrible advice, so before you try any of the above, understand the risks.

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