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Is Smoking Weed Bad for Your Health?



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The Dangers and Consequences of Smoking Weed, I’m sure you have seen that headline countless times. The question is. Is there some truth to it? Or let me put it this way, is smoking marijuana bad for you?

What kids are smoking today, is very different from what their parents smoked back in the day. According to a NIDA-funded university of Mississippi’s potency project, “today’s marijuana is far more powerful”.

With more and more states voting on whether or not to legalize recreational weed, Americans are closer than ever to being able to smoke cannabis and not worry about running from the police.

The important question is. How will weed impact your future? Will it impair your health? Or is it good for you and I should just shut up and stay in the corner?

Is Smoking Weed Bad for Your Health? Let’s find out.

How marijuana affects your lungs

Most people smoke weed and or tobacco from joints, bongs, and hand pipes. It is common knowledge that smoking tobacco kills, on the other hand, it is still unclear if cannabis is equally damaging to our lungs and overall health.

If you have a friend who smokes tobacco, you may have noticed that he or she smokes eight times or more a day. The average marijuana smoker smokes two or four times a month. That is according to a 20-year study that was released back in 2012; the number of participants was 5,000.

The study concluded:

“Occasional and low cumulative marijuana use was not associated with adverse effects on pulmonary function”

The study also found that heavy marijuana use may lead to considerable lung damage.

In 2008, a New Zealand study linked chronic cannabis smoking with a higher likelihood of lung cancer. But here is the thing, there are lots of conflicting studies, for example, a recent study found that smoking cannabis improves lung function because smokers inhale deeper and for longer and there is lots of evidence to suggest that smoking weed prevents and fights cancer

Because of that, if you are worried about smoking weed, you should try vaporizing or edibles. We still don’t know if there are any serious side effects related to vaping.


Depending on the strain, marijuana may either put you to sleep or ‘energize’ you.

Smoking sativa before bed is a big no-no, why? That’s because sativa strains are energizing. On the other hand, indica strains will relax you and put you to sleep.

The issue here is, if you become addicted to weed, you may experience withdrawal symptoms or insomnia when you stop using it.

According to Dr. Kevin Hill, director of the Substance Abuse Consultations Service, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse at Mclean Hospital, marijuana lowers the restorative stage of sleep. What happens during the restorative stage of sleep (REM) is. Your body repairs and re-grows tissues, strengthens the immune system and builds bone and muscle.

If cannabis has been cutting into your REM sleep and reducing dreams, cutting it out of your routine may mean that those dreams could return in unsettling ways. Ever noticed that when you stop smoking weed, you get nightmares?

How Cannabis Affects your Heart

While high, your pupils dilate and your heart rate increases. An increased heart rate is frightening to some users, think about it, remember that time you were sure you were going to die after combining weed and alcohol?

The good news is, your heart won’t explode, and the bad news is. An increased heart rate increases the chance of a heart attack (if you are at risk).

There are lots of athletes who claim that cannabis helps them “improve their game”, working out while high feels awesome but there are some risks involved. For example, you may suffer a heart attack or marijuana smoke may irritate your lungs and make you cough. Also, you may injure yourself or someone else while high, so be careful.

To be safe, you should learn how to incorporate weed into your workout sessions. Watch the video below:

Your Reproductive System

Marijuana has been linked to lower sperm count in men. On the other hand, cannabis strengthens orgasms in women and boosts libido. As a consequence of that and the effects marijuana has on pregnancy, you should stay away from weed if you intend to make babies.

I won’t deny it, having sex while high is lots of fun, but there are people out there who claim that weed causes erectile dysfunction. The thing is. Drugs such as Viagra treat physiological problems. The reason why some men ‘can’t get it up’ is stress and anxiety, not marijuana use. That means that it may all be in your head.

Did you know that sexual dysfunction in some men is a withdrawal symptom?

It’s not all good.

The problem with smoking weed or any other substance is, smoke may damage your blood vessels and that may cause Erectile Dysfunction as a result of poor arterial blood supply to your nether regions.

Always remember that cannabis is a drug, and like all drugs, it has its positives and negatives. To be safe, you should learn how to smoke in moderation.  Smoking weed all day every day is not good for you, so stop it, and go do something productive today.


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