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Nun that sold weed is being considered for sainthood



Nun that sold weed is being considered for sainthood

Nun who sold weed is being considered for sainthood

Yes, you read that right: A nun that sold weed is being considered for sainthood LOL.

In addition to selling weed, this nun also built two hospitals and looked after homeless children.

The nun, aka Suzanne Aubert, passed away nearly 100 years ago. Her funeral had one of the largest turnouts in her small country in New Zeland. Her career included selling pot. Lots of pot. As well as opening two hospitals, she took care of homeless kids and taught a local choir. She opened the first pot farm in her country. She clearly was ahead of her time. Her county folks have put her up for sainthood via the Catholic church.

She had an interest in medicine and science. She took care of the sick and was quite the salesperson, selling medicine and goods to keep the lights on at her church.

Her interests in science and medicine lead her to grow medical marijuana. It was from this medical marijuana that she made a living and was able to build up the community. She was the first grower and first dispensary owner in New Zealand.

After she died, New Zealand passed a drug act. Marijuana became a controlled substance. There’s been quite a lot of marijuana talk lately in New Zeland and Australia. For whatever reason, the country is divided with just as many proponents as opponents for its passing.

Aubert was nominated for sainthood back in 2010 and the process of her becoming a saint is still in progress.

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