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Top 10 African Movies you should Watch While High



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Nowadays, it seems like Hollywood is running out of ideas, think about it, almost all the movies coming out are either remakes, sequels or stories you’ve seen before.

You are here because you need movies that are a little different from what you are used to, right?

Africa is a continent rich with diversity; each country has its own distinct culture and language. Hollywood paints Africa as a continent full of wars and animals, but the truth is. Africa is not all war and wild animals.

The following movies will give you a glimpse of what life is like in Africa and some will make you laugh your ass off while high.

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10: Operation Kakongoliro! The Ugandan Expendables

To enjoy this movie you must turn your brains completely off. Remember ‘The Expendables’? This is the African version of it. The budget for this movie was $2000, the graphics are bad, the acting is super bad, but, the trailer is entertaining AF. Not sure if the movie is out yet but, I’ll be sure to watch it when it comes out while super high. This image says it all.

You can download Operation Kakongoliro! And other movies such as ‘Who killed Captain Alex’ and ‘I Killed Captain Alex’ here.

Remember, expect the unexpectable!

9: Ernest Goes To Africa

For those of you who grew up in the 90s and 80s, I’m sure you remember Ernest goes to jail, Ernest in the Army and Ernest Scared Stupid. My favorite movie in the series is. Ernest goes to Africa. Ignore the critics; this movie is a fun ride especially while high.

You can watch it on YouTube or download it on Amazon.

8: Beasts of no Nation

This is a kid-led movie unlike anything you have seen before, it is dark, it is violent, it will bring tears to yours eyes and it will make you laugh out loud. Agu (Abraham Attah) is “a good boy from a good family”, after civil war breaks out in his country, we see him transition from an innocent little boy into a dangerous thing.

Stream Beasts of no Nation on Netflix

7: Viva Riva

Viva Riva is the story of a small time hustler who thinks he has a big score ahead of him; all he has to do is stay away from some rivals. This is a stylish action drama set an environment very different from where you live. That’s why you should watch it.

Stream Viva Riva on Netflix

6: District 9

What if aliens choose to land in Africa instead of the US? District 9 is a sci-fi action film set 30 years after aliens arrive on earth to find refuge from their dying planet. It mirrors the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. District 9 looks like a documentary but it is very fun to watch.

5: The Gods Must be Crazy

What happens when a Coca Cola bottle lands near a remote African village? Obviously someone finds it and it ends up creating conflicts amongst the locals. This movie came out way back in 1980, it will make you laugh, think, and it is very different from modern day movies. The best way to describe it is. An epic comedy of absurd proportion!

4: Sarafina

Do you like musicals? Sarafina is very different from La La Land, Mamma Mia and all the rest. It is the story of a young black South African woman struggling to survive during the apartheid.

Watch Sarafina on Mediaplay

3: Nairobi Half Life

A young man fresh from the village arrives in the big city, a few minutes later he gets robbed and left to fend for himself in the dangerous streets of Nairobi.

2: Black Panther

There are very few super hero movies made in Africa, Black Panther is one of the best. Although the accents sound forced and Wakanda doesn’t exist, Black Panther is still pretty fun to watch while high.

Watch black Panther on netflix

1: Yankee Zulu

Rhino Labuschagne (Leon Schuster) is married to a Neo-Nazi, problem is. His childhood black friend comes back to South Africa with a lottery ticket. Yankee Zulu is kind of like Home Alone but way more violent.

Bonus movie: Blood Diamond

Honorable mentions


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