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Utah Governor Wants to Legalize Weed?



Utah Governor Wants to Legalize Weed

Utah Governor Wants to Legalize Weed?

The future looks bright for medical marijuana patients in the state of Utah.

The Utah Governor seems to think a medical marijuana program will be implemented in Utah’s near future. He hinted at it during a question and answer discussion a few weeks ago. While talking with the middle school students, he was asked if he thinks medical marijuana could be legalized at Utah? He said that he believes it will and obviously has insight into where Utah is heading in when it comes to a stance on medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana in Utah

A survey conducted by the Salt Lake Tribune indicated 75% of Utahns have expressed interest in legalizing medical marijuana. The survey found that 93% of the country’s Democrats want legalization of medical marijuana. Additionally, 65% of Republicans also support medical marijuana.

However, The Utah Governor isn’t a proponent of legalizing medical marijuana. While he acknowledges the probability that his state will soon legalize it.

“Let’s have science done, research done, and contain it by having it be prescribed by a licensed doctor, and certified by a pharmacist as a regulated clinical substance.”

Ballot and Politics

“There’s a potential ballot plan that’ll put medical marijuana on it this coming November.

“I presume sometime. Not the ballot initiative necessarily or anything at the legislature but in time, if people get the science to back up the fact there is just a medicinal use for marijuana, it does cure pain as a medicine,” he said.

The Senate received criticism from 2016 for his comments: “I think that the discussion is now at hand, the time is nigh, to see if we will get a pathway forward on this,” Herbert said during a press summit at the beginning of 2016. “But I’m maybe not enthusiastic about having Dr. Feelgood out-there state ‘Yeah, yeah. Qué pasa? You know, here’s your doobie for the day, and you’re going to feel much better’ That’s not likely where I wish to go.”

Utah Governor Wants to Legalize Weed?

Supporters of medical marijuana have been happy to see he looked more receptive in 2018. “It’s great to find the juvenile has come a very long way out of ‘Cheech and Chong’ jokes back 2016 to today admitting this is going to be a reality for many of the patients outside there,” explained DJ Schanz from the Utah Patients Coalition (UPC).

Activists like The UPC are pushing to add medical marijuana onto the next ballot. The petition requires 113,000 signatures. With near a year to go and at around 50% of the needed requirements required, medical marijuana in Utah seems like a strong possibility.

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